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Education in the UK places great importance on the ability of students to work independently and to develop their own thinking.

Learning here isn't about feeding you information. Instead, you'll be encouraged to read widely, to research thoroughly and to question what you learn at every opportunity.

Tutorials supplement lectures and in these you will be free to exchange ideas and opinions with your teachers and fellow students. A process which, in turn stimulates new ideas and new avenues for discussion.

This system promotes not only a thorough understanding of your subject, but also encourages the development of analytical abilities and problem-solving skills that are much prized by employers in later life.

Students who have experienced the most usual continental European teaching technique of mass lectures in amphitheatres - sometimes with standing room only - never cease to marvel at the level of individual attention they receive in Britain. Perhaps this is related to the honourable record Britain enjoys in respecting the rights of the individual in general and enjoying the cultural and religious diversity of those who stay with us. This level of care should be discernible even in the way enquiries and applications are dealt with. An overseas student’s prior learning, work experience (if any) and qualifications will be treated seriously and weighed on their merits, not simply sifted by a computer following predetermined criteria.