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International students in the UK get the best of all worlds.

The choice of study locations embraces cities, highlands, lakeland, coasts, countryside, industrial heritage. Since the UK is such a relatively small island, it's easy for students to get around and experience its rich cultural and geographical diversity.

England is the largest country in the UK and encompasses much of the history and tradition for which the United Kingdom is famous. London, is a leading centre for banking, insurance and commerce as well as a magnet for young people. Increasingly, however, cities like Liverpool and Manchester are making their mark, especially on the English club and music scene.

Scotland is not much smaller than England, yet has only a fraction of its population. It's vast open spaces are among the last areas of unspoilt beauty in Europe. Scotland's economy combines fishing and forestry with cutting edge science and industrial technology, while its rich cultural tradition culminates every August in the Edinburgh Festival.

Wales is renowned for the beauty of its countryside and the warmth of the welcome extended to visitors. The cities of Cardiff and Swansea in the south of the country have, over the last few years, undergone remarkable architectural and economic regeneration.

Finally, Northern Ireland, justifiably famed for the warmth and generosity of its people, is becoming ever more popular with international students who find their combination of stunning scenery and lively nightlife the perfect background for their studies.