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Although the course fees in the UK may be higher than elsewhere, the courses are shorter meaning that you can start to earn money sooner.

There are also many benefits available that can make your day-to-day life in the UK more affordable. By far the most important is the level of discounts negotiated by the National Union of Students. Students can save up to 50% on everything from books to entertainment. You can also borrow most of the books you'll need from the library.

It's worth noting, too, that if you study in the UK for six months or more, you qualify for free healthcare through the National Health Service. So there's no need to include the cost of health insurance in your budget.

Accommodation costs vary between 150 and 500 per month depending on which type of accommodation you choose and where you choose to live, with London being the most expensive. And there is plenty of choice: bedsits, flats/houses, halls of residence, homestays and hostels. Most international students arrive with some clothing suitable for the British climate, but you will probably find that you need or want to buy more. High street shops sell good-quality clothes at reasonable prices, and the big sales during January and July offer many items at half-price. Being a multicultural nation also means that all tastes and diets are catered for. You can expect to find a wide range of reasonably priced food from around the world. Costs average 80 per month for vegetarian and 100 per month for meat-eaters.