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Trivedi Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd known as ‘Trivedi’s’ is your One Stop To Study Abroad Solutions and a Trusted Name for Quality Services to the student community Since 1999. The aim of the company is to provide Counselling and reliable guidance to students and professionals who intend to pursue their education and training at universities and colleges abroad. We provide a one-stop-service for applying to UK, Canada, Australia, USA universities/colleges. This means that from the time you decide to pursue studying abroad, till you meet your goal of arriving at the university / college, we will take care of all the necessary steps to make you process SIMPLE, beyond your imagination! This service is available for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD students.

Free of charge

Our university placement services for the UK Universities, Australia is absolute free of charge to all students. We also do not charge any fees for the 1st Counselling to the USA and Canadian University, where you can meet us and understand how we can help you.

Accelerated admission decisions

We understand that every student is anxious to get a quick decision on his or her application to universities – Our direct contacts with members from our partner universities and with their co-operation we make this possible.

Simplifying the application process

We make the application process as easy as possible. Our highly qualified team members will help you to complete the application forms and provide you with all the possible support required – and to your comfort, we make sure that you will have a single point of contact throughout the process.

Extensive range of partner universities and colleges

Each of our partner universities / colleges has been carefully chosen for their ability to cater for the needs of International students - academic quality and excellent facilities. They are all competitive but some will demand an excellent academic background from prospective applicants.

Full range of courses

We provide you with access to an extensive range of Undergraduate & Postgraduate partner universities and colleges and our qualified team will guide you to the best course selection based on your profile & career path.

All year round application

Applications can be processed at any time of the year for most courses. However, for more popular courses it is advisable to submit your application early. We recommend that, for the majority of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses that start in September/October, you apply as early as possible in the academic year.

Some universities have specific application deadlines and we will be pleased to advise you about these.

Continued advice and support service

We have been successful in providing advice and support to all our students whilst the year at the university, should they require any help in any form.

We are different because of:

  • Our expertise in the field.
  • Our effective, reliable, and friendly Services to each student.
  • Quick decisions on the outcome of the applications made by students.
  • A single Point Of Contact.
  • Well-exposed, qualified and knowledgeable advisors
Most importantly we follow one principle
'the success of every student is our success'